"I'm 70 years old and stuck in my ways - eating like a 20 year old in the 1960's and exercising like a couch potato. Diminishing Dimensions has been my introduction to a new life with much, much healthier food choices and daily exercise! I am so grateful to Rita and the Diminishing Dimensions program. I'm finally reaching for celery and hummus rather than cookies, and have discovered yoga, walking and the local gym. I've lost weight and permanently changed my habits thanks to this program. Rita has been an encouraging guide through all my ups and downs, with many, many ways to keep me permanently motivated and on track."

Anne Selden

Anne Seldon Before

Anne Seldon After

"Together we lost over 150 pounds! In the past, we had tried many different weight loss programs and the results were always the same. We would lose weight in the beginning and then the diets were too difficult to maintain, too boring, too labor intensive, too restrictive... Then we tried Diminishing Dimensions. It was the solution we needed. This program provided us with a meal plan that was doable. We were able to eat foods we enjoyed, not be slaves to the kitchen, given recipes that were flavorful and easy to prepare, and offered education and support that made a difference. We were taught the "how and why" of healthy eating and exercise that has now definitely made a huge difference in our lives and confidence in our ability to keep off the weight we lost. Darryl: Lost 108 lbs Linda: Lost 50 lbs"

Darryl & Linda

Darryl & Linda Before

Darryl & Linda After

"I am a 61 year old retired middle school English teacher, and I joined Diminishing Dimensions in June of 2013 weighing 148 pounds at 5 feet 4", and I wore a size 10. At the end of the 8 week nutritional and strength training with co-owners Rita and Marlaine, I had reached my goal weight. What's more important, I have maintained since then by continuing to eat right and exercising regularly. The combination of the nutritional counseling with the strength training has really transformed my body. I weigh 128 now and can wear a size 4! How exciting is that?"

Thank-you so much, Rita and Marlaine!

Marita Before

Marita After

  • Matt Woodtke, Vernon, CT, Student
  • 240 lbs to 195lbs, body fat down to 11%
  • much more energetic & positive
  • it was suggested to me by a coach who went through the program
  • I'd never tried a program like this before
  • I learned what to eat and how much
  • 100%, it was much easier than I thought eating healthy would be
  • yes I am very confident that I will maintain my loss, I have for a while now and know I will.

Sincerely, Matt

Matt Before

Matt  After

"I had always struggled with my weight but it was avery stern warning from my sleep doctor that made me want to call Diminishing Dimensions to FINALLY do something about my weight. I knew that Diminishing Dimensions was the answer - my mom and I had worked with Rita and Marlaine before and I had gotten good results. What I didn't realize this time was HOW much that one phone call was going to change my life. When I first started the program, I was on a number of prescription medications and couldn't get a good nights' sleep without my CPAP machine. Sixty pounds later, my CPAP machine has been packed away for months and I ran my first half-marathon in 2 hours and 15 minutes. Working with Rita and Marlaine has been an amazing experience and I am so happy that I made that one simple phone call!"

Lauren H.

Lauren H. Before

Lauren H.  After

Lauren H.  After
"What a difference Diminishing Dimensions has made in our lives! Over the years our weight had gradually crept up and our doctor warned about cholesterol levels. I liked what I read about the one on one consultation. After I joined, Chet decided to come along. Doing the program together, as a couple, has made things so much easier. We could choose from all the recipes, go to the gym together, remind each other to take along the recommended snacks and still enjoy our wine time. Soon it began to show. Margy lost almost 60 pounds and greatly reduced her cholesterol level. Chet lost 30 pounds and improved his strength and muscle tone.

Rita has been amazing. What a coach and cheerleader! She provided us with menus, recipes, advice on eating out and made us understand how the body works. We couldn't have done it without you, Rita."

Chet and Margy Pelka Glastonbury

Chet Pelka Before

Margy Pelka Before
Chet and Margy Pelka After
"My mom heard about Diminishing Dimensions through my pediatrician. At first I said "no - I'll do it on my own", but wow am I happy she got me to go! My counselor worked with me, tailoring my program to my likes, dislikes and the fact I like to enjoy food with my friends. She was great, and for me, that individual attention got the job done. I had steady weight loss with no deprivation. My life has changed for the better. My self-esteem and confidence is up, I have better endurance and ran a 5K, and I now have a good understanding of nutrition and how to eat correctly."

Jerome Weiner, 16, West Hartford, Lost 40 lbs

  Jerome Weiner After
"Being a busy surgical nurse, I was tired of having low energy. Plus not having my clothes fit was further motivation! I needed to lose weight in a manner that would bring long -term health benefits, but with severe food allergies I wasn't sure who would be able to help me. After finding the professional dietitians at Diminishing Dimensions, I was impressed by their knowledge and the individual plan they tailored for me. Their program worked! I lost 50 pounds, never being deprived, and gained back my energy and improved my health as my clothes size went down down down! And I've kept the weight off for over a year. I couldn't have done it without you DD - you gave me my life back!"

Sharon Judd, 56, Kensington

Sharon Judd Before Sharon Judd After
"I went to see Rita at Diminishing Dimensions basically thinking that it would not work for me. No one's going to tell me what I can and can't eat. But at 52 years old, flabbiness was becoming the norm and I wasn't ready to reach resolution with that. After our first consultation, I was still skeptical, but said "What the heck, lets give it a shot". I set my goal "weight to lose" at around 40 lbs. When I hit 38 lbs lost in 4 months, I readjusted my goal "weight to lose" to 50 lbs. Now at 5 months into the program with just a few more pounds to go, I am a believer and would recommend the program to anyone willing to improve their health and well being. Long live wasabi edamame."

Paul K, Hebron CT

Paul K. After

"I came to Diminishing Dimensions back in 2006 to get help with my diet. I wanted to get educated in Sports Nutrition. As the owner of a baseball camp and an avid player myself I wanted the endurance to play the best I could. The education and one on one counseling has proven to benefit me through the years. I have an athletes body fat level of 10 percent in my sixties! Diminishing Dimensions is an excellent program where the staff is educated to help you with whatever personnel nutrition need you may have."

Chris Corkum
Owner of Corkums Baseball Camp

Chris Corkum After

"I was one step away from either lap band or by-pass surgery. My doctor suggested Diminishing Dimenions®. My program started November 8, 2008 and I just celebrated losing 100 pounds! I have at least 80 more pounds to go but I plan to stay on this meal plan for the rest of my life because it's the only program that works."

Scott Fowler, Realtor, Manchester, CT

Scott Fowler Before Scott Fowler After Losing 100 lbs.
"I was tired of the "Four P's"- Pills, Potions, Points and Pre-packaged foods. I knew I needed a re-education of my mind and body in order to make a long lasting commitment to good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. I have lost 80 lbs. in just 10 months and shrunk from a size 24 to a size 10. Success can be yours if you follow a personalized program by Diminishing Dimensions."

Luise Craige of Rockville, CT Lost 80 lbs.

"Brian and I have always been heavy. I was 39, my blood pressure was over 200, and my sugar was high. I was headed for trouble and so was my husband. We had to do something for our kids, our family, our future, and us. I called Diminishing Dimensions. They taught us how to eat, not just during weight loss, but forever, and provided constant support. Brian has lost 70 lbs, and I have lost 100lbs, we both are maintaining the weight loss. It was the best thing we have ever done. My Dr. was impressed, my family relieved, we are happy and now healthy. It made it easier that Brian and I did this together. Thank you Diminishing Dimensions."


Tricia and Brian Davis, Cromwell Ct

“I tried to lose weight on my own for a while and lost only 9 lbs. Over the years I have read many testimonials by successful Diminishing Dimensions clients so I decided to give it a try. They saved my life! With their wonderful guidance I lost a total of 100 lbs. I was never hungry and never felt deprived. It was a life changing experience. Thank you Diminishing Dimensions. I will be indebted to you always."

Diane D'Aleo

“This has been a rewarding experience that has changed my life and given me a new outlook. I now have so much energy. Their Program works! I can- not say enough about the staff that are so knowl- edgeable, understanding, supportive and motivating. If you have struggled with your weight, I know how you feel: hopeless and as if the weight will never come off. Diminishing Dimensions can work for you. It certainly made all the difference to me. I am living proof that their program works. Thank you Rita Anderson and Marlaine Philpotts for starting such a great company. Your program proves you really know what you are doing to improve one’s health and make people feel good about themselves.”

Darlene Scaglia

“Over the past fourteen years, I have tried many diets with no lasting results. Finally, this past January a dear friend encouraged me to join her at Diminishing Dimensions. After the first 2 weeks I noticed I wasn’t having the terrible cravings that used to hound me. With 50 lbs. behind me and only 30 more to go, I finally feel free of my cravings, helplessness and frustration that used to be such a big part of my life. It requires a lot of hard work and I still struggle with making sure I get the exercise I need but Diminishing Dimensions has provided me with the tools to live a healthy life. To me, a “diet” always used to symbolize an end (an end of the food, fun etc.) but Diminishing Dimensions has pro-vided me with a new beginning.”

Barbara Wolfe Tolland

"It's the same old story you hear time and time again after women have had a baby or two... after the birth of my second child at age 35 I just couldn't seem to get control of my weight again. Over the following eleven years I tried everything. I'd lose 20 lbs. and gain it back, plus more.

Then one day a friend told me about Diminishing Dimensions.

I thought I was well aware of nutrition, but thought I'd look into one more program. The counselors personally worked with me through medical obstacles (thyroid condition, brain surgery) and emotional obstacles (the loss of two loved ones) and in just 12 weeks I lost 37 lbs.! I'm just halfway to my goal, but I now know I can do it with the help of the wonderful people at Diminishing Dimensions who have encouraged me and given me tremendous nutritional guidance every step of the way.

No, I don't expect to weigh what I did when I was 20 years old. My goal is to be healthy so I can keep up with my 11 year old daughter. It is, however, a definite plus to look nice in my clothes now. Look for me again in a few months when I've reached my goal!

Thank you Diminishing Dimensions for helping me be a healthier and happier woman!"

Carol Gustafson, Manchester, CT

"Diminishing Dimensions developed an individualized program in nutrition education for me. I followed their plan precisely, lost weight consistently each week and never felt hungry.

I never wanted to go off the program, it was so easy that while on vacation I was able to order right from the menu! When I first started the program I was not doing exercising and now I'm working out every day. I benefited from the counseling and support I received each week and as a result I lost 85 pounds in one year!"

Amy Silverman, West Hartford

"From the moment I arrived at Diminishing Dimensions, I received positive reinforcement. Following their program I lost 85 pounds and my blood sugar and cholesterol are now within normal range. My muscle mass has increased and I'm eating properly. I've been maintaining without problems and now I have a healthy outlook toward life. They stay in touch and are always available if I require support or information. Stick with the winners - that's Diminishing Dimensions!"

Bob Breen, Naugatuck

"In February 1999, I had the following results from my doctor:
February 1999

WT: 169 lbs.
BP" 184/94
Cholesterol: 240+
Fasting Blood Sugar: 125+

August 1999

WT: 139 lbs.
BP" 110/70
Cholesterol: 180
Fasting Blood Sugar: 102

With my before picture in February '99 my doctor warned me that I was heading for Diabetes, a stroke or maybe a heart attack. At age 73 I realized I was a time-bomb facing disaster. As a Registered Nurse since the 1950's, I didn't want to be a patient instead of a caregiver. Diminishing Dimensions offered me a nutritional professional who directed and guided me all the way. You can't put a price on being more energetic, healthy and much happier!"

Betty Friel, RN, East Haven • Age 73

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